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Detail shot of Black Magic-painted Enve All Road.

Tech gallery: 2023 Made handmade bicycle show, part four

Just the way you want it, however that may be.

James Huang
by James Huang 29.08.2023 Photography by
James Huang
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Production bikes from mainstream brands are incredibly good these days, with generally excellent ride and handling characteristics, good value, solid build kits, and so on. But yet as much as these bikes have to offer, they’re still aimed at the middle of the bell curve. Some personalization is always possible by swapping parts as your budget allows – maybe even custom paint. But even then, you’re still starting with a dish that’s pre-determined on the menu, and those changes can be akin to adding cheese or omitting the sauce. 

For some, that’s just not enough. 

By definition, custom builders exist to provide what isn’t otherwise available off the shelf. Perhaps it’s an unusual fit to accommodate your own proportions or preferences. Maybe there’s a certain ride quality or handling you want, but can’t find from a big brand. A paint job to mimic an old race car you were obsessed with as a kid. Extra (or just very specific) mounts for the bags you want to carry for your next bike bikepacking adventure.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what your reasons are, or how outlandish or simple your requests may be. But the beauty of being able to tap this sort of expertise (and having the budget to do so) is that you don’t have to justify your motivations to anyone but yourself (and maybe your significant other). 

We’re four rounds into our coverage from the Made show, but don’t you worry; we’ve still got at least two or three more to come.

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