Riding is Life

Escape Collective was founded in March, 2023, with the goal of being the best bike website on the internet. We are community funded – built by us, for you.

Our editorial is underpinned by two core editorial philosophies. The first: that depth is better than breadth. You want us to go deep. We won’t skim the surface.

The second: we prefer to be everything to someone, not something to everyone. So what does that mean? It means we know who we are and what we love, and our work will reflect the varying and constantly evolving passions of our editors.

Here’s the real key: the more members that join, the more we can do. We have membership goals that will trigger expansion into new coverage areas, like advocacy and e-bikes. You can find out more about our roadmap in our FAQs.

As for the name. ‘Escape’ is the reason we all ride bikes. Escapism is something we can offer to our readers and members while on the site, which will hopefully inspire them to get off the computer and go for a ride. Escape Collective refers to the group of individuals who are collaborating to bring you the best cycling content in the world. Lastly, ‘Escape’ speaks to our story and how we got here.

Without you, all of this would be meaningless. Our members are also part of this collective. We’re in partnership with you, and together, we make this all happen.

Escape Collective is all of this. This is us.

See you down the road.