Riding is Life

The legal bits. Only read when you’ve finished the other fun bits.

01. Use

This website (https://escapecollective.com) is for your own personal use unless otherwise previously approved by the Escape Collective. Whether or not you decide to register for an account (either free or paid), you can not (without our prior express written permission):

  • Attempt to restrict or stop other website users from using or enjoying the Escape Collective;
  • Disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise attempt to extract or use the source code of this website
  • Post a user comment that contains any advertising or any other commercial content unless prior approval by the Escape Collective is granted
  • Post a user comment or any other material or content to the website, or otherwise use the website in any way that is dishonest, misleading, fraudulent or unlawful or is otherwise vulgar, threatening, harassing, abusive, defamatory, violent, invasive of privacy, offensive, obscene, profane or objectionable
  • Attempt to access data or any part of this website that is not intended for you, or which you are not allowed to access, or attempt to obtain goods or services to which you are not otherwise entitled
  • Impose an unreasonable load on any of our networks or systems
  • Distribute, modify, copy, publish, transmit, display, reproduce, or license any of the material on this website
  • Attempt to use any of the material published on this website to create any other publication, website, social media post, or other
  • Transfer or sell any of the information, products, functionality, or the services made available on the website, or suggest that you are entitled to do so
  • Pretend that you someone else, or that you represent someone else, company, brand, or organisation
  • Scan, probe, or test our website or any related system or network for the purpose of breaching security or authentication measures
  • Track or monitor any of our content, users, or our website functionality

By using this site you acknowledge that we do not verify or review the content of any individual user comment. We reserve the right to amend or remove a user comment at any stage using our discretion and without prior notice. If we believe that you have not been compliant with these terms or any other agreement with the Escape Collective at any time, we may terminate or suspend your access, restrict your use of the website, or cancel your subscription or membership. You agree that we can do so without any prior notice to you and without liability to you or anyone else.

02. Account Management

To use certain components and functionality of the Escape Collective website you may be required to create an account (free or paid). You are fully responsible for your own use of the website, and you must not give your account details or password to anyone else. If another person accesses our website using your account details, then you are personally responsible for use of the website by that individual.

You may also access certain areas of the website by logging in using a third-party platform (such as Google or Facebook) or alternatively by using your email address. If you log in via a third-party platform, you confirm that you are the owner of the account. The Escape Collective may collect certain personal information via your account (such as your email address, your public profile name).

If you believe your account has been accessed by an unauthorised user you must immediately update your account details and notify us of any fraudulent activity or security breach. We will not be liable for any loss you suffer as a result of unauthorised use of your account. You will be liable for any loss we suffer (except where the unauthorised use or access was outside your reasonable control).

03. Subscriptions and memberships

You will be required to subscribe or become a member to access certain aspects of the website, or to access certain offers, benefits and/or functionality. You will have to create an account to access a subscription or membership package. Subscription and membership packages are available for purchase at any time via the website. You may not sublicense, deliver, transfer or assign your subscription or membership to any other person.

The subscription or membership period may at the Escape Collective’s discretion be:

– An ongoing or continuously renewing period in which payment fees may be applicable only to specific transactions made by you within that period (ongoing subscription or membership);
– Limited to a trial period, and/or limited in functionality during that period, which is not capable of being renewed on the same terms (a trial subscription or membership).

Further details of subscription and membership tiers and inclusions are set out on the Escape Collective website. We may restrict the functionality of our website or your access to certain parts of the website, based on your subscription or membership tier.

You must pay your subscription or membership fees in accordance with the applicable subscription terms and must provide the Escape Collective with all the necessary information to enable us to receive such payment. It is your responsibility to ensure that such stored information in your account is current and correct at all times.

If the Escape Collective website is provided on an periodic or ongoing subscription or membership basis, the subscription or membership will continue for such time as all applicable subscription fees are paid to the Escape Collective unless it has been terminated earlier.

The Escape Collective may change your subscription or membership fees in respect of use of the website at any time by notice to you, and those fees will apply to any future subsequent transaction (for ongoing subscriptions or memberships) or subscription period (for any periodic subscriptions). If you do not accept the change your subscription will expire at the end of the then-current subscription period.