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From tech, to racing news, industry insights and rider diaries you can lose yourself in Escape Collective’s extensive array of podcasts. Simply stream them below or load them into your preferred podcast player by using the Subscribe option for each feed.

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Member Only Podcasts

Our members receive access to extended and ad-free versions of all of our podcasts! We have exclusive interviews with pro riders and industry specialists. The member-only Performance Process podcast focuses on aero and optimisation. If you’d like to become a member then please Join Now!

Main Feed

Our main feed with episodes from all of our shows! This feed has it all.

Placeholder Podcast

Our weekly news show. We’ll chat about what’s happening in the world of bikes and have some fun along the way.

Geek Warning

How bikes work and how to make them better! This show is all about bike tech. News, trends, tips and tricks.

Wheel Talk

Weekly breakdowns of what is going on in the Women’s World Tour. Exclusive interviews and more!

How the Race was Won

Weekly race analysis diving into key moments and tactics on the World Tour.

The Rest Day with Jack Haig

Jack Haig, a 10 year pro riding for Bahrain Victorious, takes cycling fans inside the pro peloton. Learn what riders actually talk about!

Overnight Success

A podcast about the founders, the innovators, and the remarkable people in the cycling industry.