Tech gallery: 2023 Made handmade bicycle show, part six

Deviating from the straight and narrow.

James Huang
by James Huang 31.08.2023 Photography by
James Huang
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Custom bikes often don’t deviate all that widely from what you might be able to get off-the-shelf: sometimes it’s slight tweaks to geometry, a special paint job, or even just a particular build kit. However, that’s not always the case – one-off (or small-batch) production can also open the door to more outlandish machines, which is where I think custom builders can really highlight their creative and problem-solving abilities.

At your local bike shop, you won’t find cruiser-style or BMX-inspired titanium hardtails like what we saw at this year’s Made show from Retrotec, Merlin, or Wheatfall. And Brulé’s decidedly unique interpretation of a track bike is most definitely unconventional, even for that niche segment of the sport. A fully CNC-machined or cast frame from a mainstream brand? No way, but that’s exactly what Tool and Heavy Bikes are doing. And while small-wheeled folding bikes are hardly unheard of, Joseph Ahearne of Page Street Cycles certainly has his own take on things.

Last but not least, cargo bikes are a subject near and dear to my heart – and oh my, did Danielle Schön of Schön Studio take my breath away with the one she brought to the show. 

We’re getting close to the end of our continuing coverage from the Made show, but never fear; we’ve still got a little more to come.

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