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Tech gallery: 2024 Taipei Cycle Show, Part Two

Carbon fiber disc-brake rotors, magnesium rims, aero headlights, and 70-tooth chainrings, oh my!

James Huang
by James Huang 11.03.2024 Photography by
James Huang
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The Taipei Cycle Show isn’t quite of the same flavor as other trade shows like Eurobike or the Sea Otter Classic. Whereas those other two are primarily geared toward consumer-facing brands and aftermarket product, the Taipei show comprises a much broader mix of stuff you’re probably familiar with, as well as a whole bunch more that you’ve likely never heard of – or have maybe used without even knowing it. 

My second (and sorry, final) round of coverage from the 2024 Taipei Cycle Show includes a whole bunch of mainstream items – like KS’s new gravel suspension fork, some accessories from Topeak and SKS, and some enticing-looking new magnesium rims – along with some products that many would consider obscure in most western markets or unheard-of altogether. Gigantex has been making one-piece molded carbon fiber wheels for roughly a decade, for example, Trigon and Caribou are two OEM frame manufacturers you’ve likely never heard of, and there’s a good chance your current wheels are made with Pillar spokes and you didn’t even know.

This wasn’t my first time at the Taipei show, and it certainly won’t be my last. There are just too much interesting things to see, and maybe next time I’ll try to book an extra day or two to leave me a bit more time to wander. 

Up next on the trade show circuit, though? Sea Otter! 

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