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Tech gallery: 2024 Sea Otter Classic, part six

CNC machined bikes, grips galore, fancy paint, and an insane e-adventure backcountry machine that actually makes sense to me now.

James Huang
by James Huang 27.04.2024 Photography by
James Huang
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OK, so I may not have quite gotten to all of the roughly thousand exhibitors at this year’s Sea Otter Classic, but I think I got pretty close! Close enough for one lonely soul tasked with covering the whole thing solo, at least. This is the sixth and final round of tech coverage, and it includes some doozies.

I’d followed the saga of inventor Chris Currie and his wild CNC-machined and -bonded Ministry Cycles Psalm 150 full-suspension mountain bike, and it was an utter treat to finally lay hands on one for real at the show. Currie still has a bit to go with this one, but oh my, what a machine.

Pivot also brought to the Weathertech Laguna Seca Raceway its innovative aluminum-and-carbon fiber Phoenix prototype DH frameset, Scor showed off an incredible custom painted version of its 2030 trail bike, Tern’s Orox fat-tired e-adventure rig has inspired me to disappear into the woods, there were new grips galore, and just a whole bunch more little bits and widgets that caught my eye in the blazing California sun.

Until next year, Sea Otter! 

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