Escape Collective Advertising policy

The rules of engagement.

Escape Collective is built on a membership-first business model and must always remain that way. This means a few things to us. 

First, your membership dollars/euros/pounds/pesos must remain the single most important revenue stream for the business. This gives us the ability to say ‘no thanks’ to any commercial partnership. The ability to say ‘no’ is the source of our independence. It is hugely important to us. 

Second, we must think and act for the benefit of our members first, always. 

Yet this is media, a business notorious mostly for making its creators poorer. In this difficult landscape, we would be foolish to rely on a single revenue stream, and, crucially, doing so would not properly serve our members, thus breaking rule two above. If we want to produce more content in more areas, which we do, and if we want to ensure the ongoing survival of this project, which we’re quite attached to now, then we need to diversify. 

We will move carefully and start small. The goal is simple: Use ad revenue to improve our editorial product more quickly and expansively than we could with member revenue alone.

Yes, that means ads

We are currently considering, quite carefully, a few different types of ads to roll out in late 2023 and early 2024. This timeline is actually slightly delayed; our original roadmap included some ads at launch. But given our small team and limited ad sales expertise, we felt it was best to launch ad-free. 

Ads in 2024 are likely to be found in podcasts (in the free feeds), newsletters, and our fantasy game. We believe that these particular locations for ads are highly effective while having a minimal negative impact on our audience and members. 

We’re going to start small and be very careful.

Our advertising policy 

There are two fundamental considerations with advertising. The first is user experience – we all know bad ads can be annoying. The second is editorial independence. We have a series of policies in place to protect both your eyeballs and our editors’ ability to operate without undue influence. 

Protecting Your Eyeballs:



What’s in the ads:

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