Gallery: Spoken 2024, part one

Coverage from the event formerly known as the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia (HBSA).

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 18.06.2024 Photography by
Dave Rome
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The season of drool-worthy bikes is upon us. First on the calendar is Spoken, the event formerly known as the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia (HBSA). The name change better represents the show, which has increasingly grown to be a showcase of boutique bikes and a curated array of other desirable cycling gear from around the world. If you like bikes, you’ll surely like what this show has to offer.

Running over two and half days in Williamstown, across the river from Melbourne CBD, the old ship-building facility used as a venue is transformed into a sprawling hall where potential customers can chat to those who make the bikes or those who represent the related products.

Expect three full-size galleries to be published over the coming few days, each one offering a broad mix of conversation-driving excellence. In this first edition, we look at a stunning ride from Bastion, a new titanium gravel bike from Perth-based Mooro, classy disc-equipped road bikes from The Lost Workshop and Palmer Bicycles, and a new flexstay mountain bike from Devlin Cycles. And speaking of flexstay mountain bikes, there was also what appears to be an unreleased alloy version of Specialized’s Epic sitting in plain sight for all to see. [UPDATE: As announced just after this story posted, it’s actually in the Chisel line. – Ed.]

Show floor in image with the public walking through.
The show has the builders as the focal point, with plenty more sprawling beyond this image.
A Retul bike fitting jig.
The Spoken show always features businesses adjacent to the boutique bike world. Stewart Morton of was present to discuss his bike fitting processes.
Dog in training.
Please excuse the excitement, they’re still learning.
AFL-themed cycling jerseys. All teams in photo.
Custom clothing manufacturer Cuore just became the exclusive cycling licensee of the Australian Football League (AFL, aka Aussie Rules Footie). The company will be retailing kits related to each team.

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