Gallery: The best tech from the 2023 Eurobike show, part eight

A whole boatload of parts and accessories.

James Huang
by James Huang 05.07.2023 Photography by
James Huang
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You didn’t think we were done with our Eurobike coverage, did you? I said there was more to come, and I’m a man of my word. Plus, Ronan and I didn’t take all of these pictures for nothing.

In this round of coverage includes a little bit of everything, like avant garde bikes from Rondo, promising-sounding “green” manufacturing processes from Schwalbe, some fresh road and mountain bike wheels from Fulcrum, a couple of stunning throwback machines, a bunch of new tires, and plenty more. 

By our estimates, we’ve got at least one more tech gallery to share with your from Eurobike – maybe even two. So if you’re looking for a gear distraction from the Tour de France, don’t worry; we got you.

Looking for even more Eurobike coverage? You can find all of our coverage from this year’s show right here.

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