Gallery: The best tech from the 2023 Eurobike show, part seven

Cargo bikes for everybody!

James Huang
by James Huang 29.06.2023 Photography by
James Huang
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It’ll come as no surprise to much of our audience that I’m a massive fan of e-cargo bikes. While there are many people who believe e-bikes will be a big part of the solution for getting folks out of their fossil fuel-burning automobiles, I’ve long held the opinion that utility bikes are only as useful as what they can carry. E-bikes may very well be a great way for people to move themselves around, but if they don’t feel like they can bring their stuff with them, will people actually adopt them en masse? 

E-cargo bikes, on the other hand, let you carry all sorts of stuff – be it people or parcels – and once again, this year’s Eurobike trade show was practically bursting at the seams with proven ideas and innovative new concepts in the cargo realm. 

I’ve got my pick in mind, but which one would you put in your garage? 

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