Geek Warning: A climbing bike too light for the pros, but carbon inspection for everyone

The Geek Warning crew talks light bikes, carbon inspection, wider tires at the Tour, and SRAM's transmission trickle down.

In the latest Geek Warning: Factor’s new O2 VAM sounds like quite the climbing bike: light, stiff, comfy, and newly aero. But is it too light for the pros? Maybe. There doesn’t seem to be any debate about wider tires at the Tour, though, as even 28 mm doesn’t seem like enough.

SRAM has also brought its innovative Transmission mountain bike drivetrain technology down to the GX level, an Australian company wants to bring high-tech carbon fiber inspection to the bike shop level, and James gripes about water bottles.

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4:15 — A roundtable on the new Factor O2 VAM climbing bike
16:25 — Even Tour racers have adopted big tires in a big way
27:00 — GX is now the least expensive Transmission version, and it might be the best one
35:55 — Is ultrasonic carbon fiber testing coming to bike shops?
49:26 — Zach has some thoughts on ever-widening cranks
59:15 — Water, water, everywhere, and too many leftover drops to drink
1:01:05 — Check your chain wear, folks!

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