Geek Warning: A new voice

Chatting pre-Olympic mountain bike tech, wider tyres for off-road, our favourite tubeless sealants, and much more. 

Escape Collective
by Escape Collective 30.05.2024 Photography by
Piper Albrecht
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Welcome back to Geek Warning, a podcast by the Escape Collective, that covers everything to know in the world of bicycle tech. James Huang said farewell in our past episode, and with that, Dave is joined by a new voice that knows a thing or two about bicycle-related things – Brad Copeland.

With a mountain bike world cup race at Nové Město freshly finished, Dave and Brad discuss things in use by the winners, technical problems by a race favourite, and trends in tyre tech. 

The geeks share their favourite tubeless tyre sealants and a PSA applicable to all. 

It’s a relatively light week in terms of tech news. Still, Brad and Dave share their thoughts on DT Swiss’ new premium gravel wheelsets, new well-priced carbon wheels from Easton, and a new gravel race jersey with its own sweat patch. 

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Time stamps:

4:10 – Pre-Olympic tech spotted in use by Pauline Ferrand-Prevot and Tom Pidcock 
10:55 – Speculating about Victor Koretzky’s tech woes 
15:20 – Are wider tyres always better for gravel and MTB? What does that mean for the future of tyre inserts? 
37:25 – Pick one: tubeless tyre sealant 
50:05 – PSA: test your spares! 
57:10 – New DT Swiss GRC 1100 and 1400 Dicut gravel wheels
1:08:00 – Easton’s new EC90 ALX gravel and all-road hoops 
1:10:40 – Castelli adds a hydration bladder to an aero jersey, so gravel 

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