Geek Warning Bonus ep: Speaking from Spoken

A variety of tech chats from Spoken, the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia.

If you managed to take a look at some of the bikes from Spoken, you’ll quickly realise there’s a whole lot of tech to talk about. For this member’s special bonus episode of Geek Warning, Dave Rome sits down with a number of exhibitors while at the show. In this episode you’ll hear interviews with builders such as Feather Cycles and Woods Bicycle Co. Dave chats with Silca’s owner Josh Poertner about the future of chain waxing and 3D titanium printing. You’ll learn about the latest from Melbourne-based Curve Cycling and Project Flock. Plus, discussion on bike fit with RiderFit.CC and the future of the Spoken show with event co-founder Nathan Lorkin.

Only members of Escape Collective can listen to the full version of this episode, however, this shorter version is available here for free (and hopefully to once again, encourage you to join).

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Time stamps:

1:00 – Feather Cycles and the launch of WKNDR
9:40 – Woods Bicycle Co on hidden cable routing
19:30 – Josh Poertner on 3D titanium printing and the next-generation of chain waxing
40:00 – Project Flock
44:30 – Curve Cycling and going higher-end
49:00 – Stewart Morton of RiderFit
56:30 – The future of Spoken?

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