Geek Warning: Dissecting the Tour TT and aero advancements with Marc Graveline

Talking CdA, power, and all things performance with consultant to the World Tour and an all round aero guru

Dane Cash
by Dane Cash 24.07.2023 More from Dane +

As Dave Rome and James Huang recover from illness and injury, Ronan Mc Laughlin sits down with EscapeCollective member Marc Graveline to make sense of Jonas Vingagaard’s stage 16 time trial performance. Marc was a data engineer before early retirement allowed him the time to moving into cycling and develop the Notio Konect, the first consumer available aero sensor on the market.

Marc is now a consultant to World Tour teams and counts time trial modelling and analysis among his favourite hobbies, not to mention aero testing some of the world’s best riders. Finally, we wrap the conversation with a discussion on what the other World Tour teams can do to narrow the gap to Jumbo-Visma.

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