A Buffalo bike.

Geek Warning: Eurobike week and a two-chain bike for a great cause

Whoa, there’s a whole lot of new tech to chat about!

It’s the week of all weeks for cycling tech. The Tour de France has kicked off, the world’s largest cycling tradeshow – Eurobike – is on, and we’ve seen many smaller handmade bike shows, too. With that, Dave Rome, Brad Copeland, and Ronan Mc Laughlin have plenty of things to geek out over.

The geeks discuss the new Classified and TRP drivetrain collab, plus new budget groupset options from Microshift and SRAM. Ronan gives a brief overview of Continental’s new aero tyres, while there’s also chat of a new fancy chain waxing tool seen at the Tour.

There’s a chat about how to keep a check on your brake tracks. And then to finish things off, you’ll hear Brad and Dave discuss new hubs from OneUp, a new gravel bike from Giant, some question marks about Ohlins suspension, and the entrance of drone-experts DJI into bicycles (wait, what?). And lastly, the new Buffalo bike for World Bicycle Relief is discussed.

And once again, we apologise for the sound quality on this one. This time, it was Brad with the technical issues, sounding a little distant on the backup audio we had to use.

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Time stamps:

3:50 – Classified and TRP collaborate on a groupset
14:45 – The Aero111 tyre from DT Swiss, Swiss Side, and Continental
21:40 – SRAM’s new S-1000 Transmission
27:05 – Microshift Sword Black, even cheaper and 9-speed
31:35 – Cyclowax teases on-bike chain waxing
38:25 – Handmade bikes everywhere!
43:40 – PSA: saying it once more, measure those brake tracks!
54:45 – A workforce reduction at Ohlins
57:40 – Oneup enters the hub market
1:01:58 – KOM’s Xeno hub has us intrigued
1:05:00 – We drone on about DJI’s entrance into e-bikes
1:08:20 – Giant’s new Revolt Advanced gravel bike
1:11:15 – The new Buffalo bike

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