Geek Warning: How hardtail mountain bikes are like cats

Will the Epic World Cup replace hardtails? What's next for Wahoo? The geeks talk it out.

On this week’s episode of Geek Warning: Specialized says its new Epic World Cup will replace hardtails for racing, and while the bike looks interesting, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard such a thing and hardtails have proven time and again that they’ve got a lot of lives.

Also in this week’s show: Wahoo is probably for sale, but who should buy it? Might you soon be taking your e-bike to an auto mechanic for service? Why did Boyd Cycling open up an aluminum rim factory in South Carolina? And James gives a recap of the shiny new stuff – both affordable and expensive – he saw at last week’s Sea Otter Classic, along with a PSA on how your DRL might not be providing the visibility you think it is.

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