Geek Warning: More MTB-like gravel bikes, a sharper Microshift, and hookless blow-offs

The Geeks have questions.

Santa Cruz has revamped its popular Stigmata gravel bike with a new MTB-inspired personality, Allied modernizes its Alfa road bike, Microshift’s new Sword gravel groupset looks extremely promising, and you’ll soon be able to track your bike with Apple’s Find My function without an AirTag. And what the heck is up with that hookless tire blow-off video that’s been going around?

The Geeks have questions.

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1:50 — Santa Cruz has a new MTB-like Stigmata gravel bike
12:31 — There’s a new Alfa road bike from Allied
22:50 — Microshift’s new Sword gravel groupset looks fantastic
29:57 — Got a 4iiii power meter? Track your bike without an Apple AirTag
34:27 — Hookless road tires generally don’t just blow off the rim
44:47 — Dave is back to his tool-buying ways
45:18 — Tires are stupidly expensive
48:13 — Maybe suspension stems aren’t dorky after all
54:54 — The hot setup for Leadville 100

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