Geek Warning: Speed Sniffers, Classified things, and too much choice

Thoughts, lots of thoughts.

James Huang, Dave Rome, and builder of dreams Zach Edwards are back and cover a broad spectrum of geeky topics. Specialized has a new iteration of the Tarmac. Ridley has a new bike with Fast in its name. Lezyne has even more products and Velocio clothing expands into mountain bike.

We also summarise our thoughts on the Classified two-speed hub system. And so much more geeking.

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4:36 – A quick corrections corner, oops
6:36 – A speed sniffing bike from Specialized
23:00 – Ridley’s new TT bike and Ronan isn’t here
28:49 – A torque wrench for News Tools Day
31:04 – Lezyne and a lot of (too much?) choice
36:15 – Velocio goes mountain
39:45 – It’s Classified, but our thoughts are not
55:22 – Too many logos are on Dave’s mind
1:02:20 – Crazy track bikes from everyone
1:03:44 – MVDP, crashing, and Boas
1:08:55 – A PSA on cleats

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