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Geek Warning: The Eurobike show!

The Geek Warning crew has plenty to talk about after Eurobike.

James and Ronan attended the Eurobike trade show last week, and oh boy, did they come back with a lot to talk about for this week’s Geek Warning. E-bikes were definitely a major theme at this year’s show – again – but there was also a bunch of high-performance goodies, tons of electronic doodads, and as always, cargo bikes galore. Our complete web coverage is here.

Also: Dave secretly wants to become a firefighter.

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7:18 – A convenient way to measure saddle position
9:10 – Ronan likes the looks of the new Look
12:09 – 3T goes fully internal
13:08 – An unlikely new line of bikes from Marcel Kittel and Tony Martin
19:26 – So many amazing kid bikes
22:58 – Who said electronic shifting has to be expensive?
30:10 – Shimano’s 105 mechanical road groupset goes 12-speed
33:53 – There’s a revolution in tires coming, courtesy of Schwalbe
37:20 – Look, ma, no valve stems!
42:15 – A truly promising rethink of the rear derailleur
46:30 – Gearboxes and motors go together like peanut butter and jelly
54:01 – Cargo bikes galore
1:01:30 – NFCs are not the same as NFTs
1:03:15 – Cheap e-bike batteries can be very, very sketchy

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