Geek Warning: The golden era of high-performance endurance road tires

The Geek Warning crew talks new tire tech, thermoplastic wheels, and more.

Don’t you dare call it a tire; it’s “endurance engineering”!

Jokes aside, Specialized and Vittoria are upping their games when it comes to high-end road tires that (supposedly) won’t leave you stranded, Chris King is expanding its range of thermoplastic carbon wheels with a new aero all-road model, we debate the pros and cons of the latest crop of fancy bike care products, and Ronan outlines the UCI’s latest foibles. And as always, Dave has tools on his mind.

A manually curated list of time stamps:

2:30 – The narrow tread of the new Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres.
13:00 – “Don’t call it a tyre!” Specialized’s Mondo tyre.
21:42 – Chris King brings thermoplastic rims to road
29:22 – CeramicSpeed’s new Bike Care line and a discussion on wax lubes.
42:57 – The growing segment of Bike Care products.
46:50 – More price drops! This time it’s Salsa.
47:53 – Rome gets excited about new bearing removal tools.
50:37 – An update on the peculiar new UCI product registration rules coming to the TDF.
56:45 – Does the UCI need a Jig for its Jig?
1:02:45 – On Rome’s mind and over the head of his family.
1:08:07 – News for next week’s episode!

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