Geek Warning: XC MTB is so hot, even die-hard road brands are getting into it

Cross-country mountain bike racing is absolutely on fire these days and everyone is trying to get in on the action.

Dane Cash
by Dane Cash 03.05.2023 More from Dane +

Modern cross-country mountain bike racing is absolutely on fire these days. The riders are faster, more skilled, and more interesting than ever, the courses are technical and physically demanding, and the bikes are so capable they’d put the “trail bikes” of yesteryear to shame. But one has to look no further than some dyed-in-the-wool road brands to see how hot the segment is right now, because even they’re getting into the game.

Also, in this week’s show: (some) bikes are getting cheaper, there are prototype cross-country suspension forks everywhere, and the UCI dropped a logistical bomb on teams just weeks ahead of the Tour.

Episode time stamps (oh, that’s new for us!):

2:35 – BMC’s TT bike and company news.
13:30 – Pinarello is returning to mountain bikes.
16:35 – What are P1 Race Tech mountain bike wheels?
19:29 – Cervelo getting deeper into XC.
21:23 – A flurry of forks and the boom of XC.
30:35 – Lauf drops Seigla prices in the USA. Plus other price drops.
35:30 – Will we see new UCI technical controls at the TDF?
49:45 – The growth of tyre inserts.
60:00 – On our minds and debating cup and cone bearing hubs

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