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Behind the Curtain: Goodyear Bicycle Tires

Ever wondered how higher-end bicycle tires are made? Or why they’re so expensive? Consider those questions answered.

James Huang
by James Huang 17.04.2024 Photography by
James Huang
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Goodyear is one of the best-known brand names in the automotive world, but after being out of the cycling segment for decades, the tire manufacturing behemoth finds itself in the unusual position of underdog after finally returning to bicycle tires in 2018 through a licensing agreement with US-based firm Rubber Kinetics. Goodyear Bicycle Tires initially debuted with a handful of road, gravel, and mountain bike tires, and the range has grown considerably since then, along with the brand’s presence in the professional ranks. 

Six years on, Goodyear’s bicycle business is still nowhere near the size of current market leaders such as Continental, Maxxis, or Schwalbe, but things are apparently trending in the right direction with production capacity at its Taiwanese facility now said to be “in the millions” annually.

But what exactly happens within those walls? And how exactly are bicycle tires made, anyway? Despite being in this business for nearly 20 years now, I’d freely admit that I wasn’t entirely familiar with the process myself – and I suspect many others are in a similar boat. Goodyear kindly opened its doors to me for a few hours before this year’s Taipei Cycle Show for a rundown on how bicycle tires are produced, and it certainly was an eye-opening experience. 

One thing’s for certain: I complain a lot less now about how much good tires cost.

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