Handmade Bicycle Show Australia 2023: Part three

The latest from the house of Prova Cycles. Plus a surprisingly affordable titanium all-rounder, the remaking of the first safety bicycle, and the return of Teschner.

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Dave Rome
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It’s time for round three from the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia.

The hits keep coming in this one, and how can they not when Prova Cycles is involved? Mark Hester of Prova Cycles splashed into the scene in 2018, and a year later won ‘best in show’ at Bespoked Bristol. Needless to say, Provas are often a key talking point of any show.

In addition, this gallery looks at a brand new offering in the lower-priced end of the market. And there’s the return of a familiar name.

Are you viewing on a mobile-sized screen? This gallery is best experienced on a TV with a bowl of popcorn in hand, or perhaps on a desktop computer. If sticking with the phone, please do these builders a favour and turn your screen sideways.

Want to know how to buy a custom bike? We’ve got you covered there.

Shimano had a large presence at the show, with much of its display dedicated to showing off the systems. There were three different setups shown, including the fitting bike, a Wahoo Rollr set up to do the fit on an existing bike, and then a third jig merely for measuring and adjusting the final setup onto the bike.
American brand Moots was represented at the show by a local distributor (Dawson Sports Group). This new Vamoots CRD is the Colorado-based company’s first bike with integrated cables.
Hailing from Denmark, Omnium Cargo bikes are now available on Australian shores. This V3 looks like a hoot to be at the front of.

That’s it for part three of our coverage from the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia 2023. Don’t worry, there’s still two features left!

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