Handmade Bicycle Show Australia 2023: Part two 

A crackle of prototypes from Curve, a Woods not to miss, Trinity MTB, and a new player.

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 07.06.2023 Photography by
Dave Rome
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Oh, back for more?

The first gallery from the 2023 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia did offer several tantalising, wheeled steeds. And I’m confident this second gallery (and the two still to come!) will not disappoint. 

Let’s plunge into this feast of rideable art.

Are you viewing on a mobile-sized screen? This gallery is best experienced on a TV with a bowl of popcorn in hand, or perhaps on a desktop computer. If sticking with the phone, please do these builders a favour and turn your screen sideways.

Want to know how to buy a custom bike? We’ve got you covered there.

You can’t have a Handmade show in Australia without Andy White from Fyxo. I took a little over 1,000 photos across the weekend and I dare say Andy took far more.

Darrell ‘Llewellyn’ McCulloch wasn’t present at this year’s show, but as a driving force behind the show’s existence, it seemed fitting to find one of his bikes near the entrance. The bike appears to be the oversized-tubed Colossus that was first shown back in 2018.
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Melbourne-based Project Flock has its biomotion-based rear light in the final stages of design for manufacturing.
In a room full of beautifully painted bikes, it sure takes something special to stand out. Steve Munyard of Sun Graphics managed just that with this Roxsolt Liv SRAM team bike that was impressively painted to match the team kit.
The show has grown to attract many more mainstream component brands, and a waitlist exists to get in. Reserve (a division of PON Holdings) was there with wheels and boxes of its Fillmore tubeless valves. These valves have proven effective at easing tubeless setup (due to the high-flow design) and solving the annoyance of sealant clogs.
Just a little teaser of something you’ll see in part three. You won’t want to miss this one.

That’s it for part two of our coverage from the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia 2023. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more on the way!

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