Introducing Escape Classifieds

Trust. Searchability. Free.

As part of our long-term roadmap, we’re proud to bring you Escape Classifieds.

There are many reasons behind the launch of a Classifieds service. There has been a lot of buying and selling activity going on in our Discord channel, so this felt like an obvious next step in filling a need and creating a platform to further connect our members and the cycling community.

What’s more environmentally friendly than buying a bike? Buying a pre-owned bike. ‘Take, Make, Waste’ is not sustainable, and this is our small contribution to a circular bike economy and getting more use out of a perfectly good bike product. 

There are many buy-and-sell services out there, but we feel like we can do this better than anyone else.

 1. Trust. Our members are paying to be here. That’s a pretty big step towards being fairly confident that person is trustworthy and not operating a scam. Members will get a ‘verified’ status which should give a degree of confidence for buying and selling. Not a member? No problem. You can still buy and sell.

2. Searchability. Facebook Marketplace can be a wonderful service, but it’s impossible to find a ‘gravel bike under $1000’ for example. 

3. It’s free. No hidden fees.

Please help us build this by posting your pre-loved bikes, components, apparel, etc and making this a pleasant experience for the entire cycling community.

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