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Join Team Rupe – Help Rupert Guinness conquer the Race Across America

Long-time cycling journalist Rupert Guinness is taking on the Race Across America. You can help.

Many of you will know Rupert Guinness from his coverage of more than 30 Tours de France, his 15 sporting books, the countless podcasts he’s been on with us, or many other ways this prolific journalist has touched us all.

Next month, starting on June 13, Rupe will be attempting to complete a dream of his: to finish the Race Across America (RAAM), an ultra-endurance bike race spanning more than 3,000 miles (4,900 km) from California to Maryland. Not only is it long, but the gruelling route goes through three deserts, the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, and the Appalachian Mountains. 

All this in less than 12 days of riding.

Rupe prepared for his first RAAM attempt in 2020 before COVID struck. Not wanting his preparation to go to waste, he completed the ride virtually on an indoor trainer (WTF?!). Once the world opened up again, Rupe attempted RAAM proper for the first time last year and unfortunately only made it as far as Arizona before disaster struck and he couldn’t carry on.

Escape Collective wants to see Rupe achieve his dream of finishing RAAM. To support this enormous and costly effort, we’re selling a tech tee featuring a Hawaiian shirt design – Rupe’s wardrobe trademark – to help with his costs.

The shirt is made from a Tech Lite mesh fabric that’s designed for riding, making it perfect for use while mountain biking, gravel riding, or even getting rowdy on the road bike.

‘Team Rupe’ supporters tech tee. Made for rowdy riding. Made from Tech Lite fabric. Lightweight and breathable with UV protection 50+. Note: this image will be updated once we get a real-life sample to photograph!

You can purchase this limited-edition Team Rupe tee at the link below. 100% of the proceeds will go towards covering the costs of his attempt (his team, his preparation, vehicles, travel, equipment, etc). 

We’ll be checking in with Rupe throughout the race, and in addition you’ll be able to track his progress here when the race starts on June 13.

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