A bearded man unloads a mountain bike next to a Sprinter-style van with a Küat Transfer v2 rack on the back.

Küat announces major recall on Transfer v2 bike racks

A defect can cause the pivot cam to suddenly loosen, risking a bike ejecting while the vehicle is in motion; 80,000+ units affected.

Joe Lindsey
by Joe Lindsey 12.06.2024 Photography by
courtesy Küat
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Sports rack brand Küat announced a recall of a substantial number of its Transfer v2 hitch-mount bike racks this week, citing a problem where the pedal that operates the pivot cam can disengage, causing the pivot cam to suddenly drop the carrier into a lower position. That could lead to a bike falling off the rack while the vehicle is in motion. Küat says it has had reports of “a series of incidents,” including at least one where a bike was damaged after being dragged behind the vehicle. Of the seven customer complaints, all occurred between February and May of this year, but the recall extends much further back.

The affected racks are one-, two-, and three-bike Transfer v2 models for both 1.25- and 2-inch hitches, manufactured between October 2020 and May of this year. Küat sells a one-bike extender tray for its three-bike model, so a Transfer v2 that looks like a four-bike model is still subject to the recall. Some 86,000 units are affected. Küat issued a “stop use” directive to owners, although it did detail a temporary fix involving a hook-and-loop strap and is offering a kit for that purpose. (We’d honestly recommend against that unless you’re the gambling type. Bikes are expensive.)

Küat is preparing repair kits and expects to have them ready to ship very soon, said project manager Angela Jackson. The repair is not technically difficult. “It can be done by simply removing two bolts that hold the pedal in place, swapping the old pedal with the new one, and then tightening the pedal into place with two new bolts,” she said. Repair kits will include all hardware and tools, plus written instructions and a link to a how-to video. If owners would rather have a Küat dealer do the repair, the company’s customer service team can facilitate.

Küat does not expect the recall to expand to other racks. “The affected pivot mechanism is exclusive to our Transfer v2 rack design,” Jackson said. “No other product in the Küat lineup uses this design.”

For more information and to learn how to identify whether your rack is recalled, head to Küat’s recall page.

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