What is Escape Collective?

Founded in March, 2023, Escape Collective are former employees from CyclingTips. We are 100% supported by our members who believe that cycling media should be independent from the sport and industry they cover. We exist to serve our members, rather than live or die by our ability to be a platform whose sole purpose is to sell you more stuff. 

Our editorial is underpinned by two core editorial philosophies. The first: that depth is better than breadth. You want us to go deep. We won’t skim the surface.

The second: we prefer to be everything to someone, not something to everyone. So what does that mean? It means we know who we are and what we love, and our work will reflect the varying and constantly evolving passions of our editors.

As for the name. ‘Escape’ is the reason we all ride bikes. Escapism is something we can offer to our readers and members while on the site, which will hopefully inspire them to get off the computer and go for a ride. Escape Collective refers to the group of individuals who are collaborating to bring you the best cycling content in the world. Lastly, ‘Escape’ speaks to our story and how we got here.

Escape Collective is all of this. This is us.

Why support Escape Collective?

Independent journalism

Unlimited content including all our product reviews, interviews, reporting and coverage of the greatest sport on earth. All with the assurance that our editorial has been created for you with no influence by commercial partners.

Access to our top-tier cycling journalists and the rest of the Escape community

Through our private social platform (Discord), interact with our journalists, join their live podcasts, and connect with other like-minded enthusiasts about topics you care about in a civil, welcoming and fun manner.

Premium podcasts and exclusive episodes

Our podcasts that go deep on a variety of topics:

  • ‘Placeholders’ weekly news & racing show
  • ‘Geek Warning’ tech show
  • ‘Wheel Talk’ women’s cycling show
  • ‘Overnight Success’ entrepreneurial stories from the cycling industry

As a member you’ll receive exclusive access to weekly bonus episodes from your favourite podcast hosts.

Down Under Digest

The Down Under Digest is a weekly wrap-up of all things Aussie and Kiwi cycling.

You can check out previous editions here, and sign up (free!) to have them delivered directly to your inbox each week by heading here.

Exclusive newsletters straight to your inbox

Weekly emails directly from your favourite cycling journalists about the story behind the story along with updates about everything that’s happening in the community.

Escape is just a fantastic website. I love the stories, not just the results. It is nice to stay up to date with the sport but not have the full-blown, blow-by-blow race breakdown.

– Richie Porte, 2023 Member #1
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