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The ‘everything’ feed


Sign up to this feed and get access to ad-free versions of every podcast; The Placeholder, Geek Warning, Performance Process, Wheel Talk, Overnight Success, and Pretty Serious Bike Racing as well as special members-only bonus episodes.


Use the link below to access ad-free versions of the podcast, as well as special members-only episodes.

Performance Process


The Performance Process podcast is hosted by Ronan Mc Laughlin and Caley Fretz. This podcast is dedicated to unearthing and analysing the processes behind some of the most successful athletes in the world, and understanding how every rider can apply them to their own improvement.

Geek Warning


A podcast about how bikes work and how to make them better. Hosted by Dave Rome, James Huang and Ronan Mc Laughlin. This weekly show is your fix for tech geekitude, covering the latest tech news, industry trends, and whatever else catches the Geeks’ fancy.


Use the link below to access an ad-free version of the podcast, as well as special members-only episodes.