Overnight Success: Building DeFeet

"Our building was engulfed in fire….I was crying,’s gone."

Overnight Success is a podcast about the entrepreneurs, personalities, and passionate people who make up the sport of cycling, and the inspiring stories behind the icons they’ve built. The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that any lasting business takes years to build.

DeFeet is mostly considered a sock brand, which is largely the case, even though they also make arm warmers, gloves, and base layers. After 31 years of being in the trade, they’re the longest-standing business dedicated to socks in the cycling market. 

Back in the 90s socks may have been the least interesting, and most neglected piece of apparel in a cyclist’s wardrobe. They were flimsy tubes of fabric that covered the feet. It was a thankless job nobody gave much thought to. 

What it took to change that was a man named Shane Cooper, who had a unique set of skills, hobbies, and passions that all came together to change the game in socks.

Wait, wait, smoke alarm?…Our building was engulfed in fire…I was I was crying, sobbing just like it’s gone. Everything’s gone. So I melted down and then started fixing things. I went into action.

Shane Cooper

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