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Podcast: A car collaboration we like

The week in tech news includes Aston Martin, Cinelli, Rapha, Lizard Skins, and plenty more.

What do Aston Martin, Lizard Skins, Cinelli, Chris Froome, and bleed kits all have in common? We’re not entirely sure, but they’re all discussed in this week’s episode of Geek Warning!

Hot on the heels of Lotus’ new bike comes an announcement from Aston Martin – they too have a new superbike. Made with 3D titanium-printed lugs and carbon tubes, this one is built in true collaboration with custom frame maker J Laverack. Aston Martin previously dabbled in bicycles with the help of Storck, but this one is on a whole new level. See more of the new Laverack Aston Martin .1R here.

Iconic Italian brand Cinelli has announced that it’s bringing some frame-building back in-house, for the first time since 1981. It all makes sense once you know Cinelli and Columbus are under the one roof.

Finished the Beckham documentary and have nothing to do? Geek out on this impressively detailed and playful content from Bartosz Ciechanowski. Thanks to reader Frederik Bonde for the tip on this one!

In industry news, Rapha has seen “negative profitability” for a number of years, while it appears Lizard Skins’ parent company may soon come under the house of Fox Factory (the suspension company).

All that and plenty more discussed in this week’s episode.

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0:50 – More high-end car collabs, this time Aston Martin and J Laverack
9:28 – Cinelli brings (some) frame building back to Italy
13:50 – Advanced visualisations for nerds
15:50 – Rapha is in the news
21:10 – Fox Factory set to buy Lizard Skins’ parent
23:25 – Chris Froome’s fit is on Ronan’s mind
28:06 – The one must-have feature of repair stands is on Dave’s mind
33:45 – Pick one cycling computer
39:55 – Our unintended PSA related to hydraulic disc brakes
52:18 – There’s a new member-only bonus version of Geek Warning!

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