Podcast: Chasing noises and the better way to apply chain lube

A tightly packed Geek Warning episode with a wrap-up from the Sea Otter Classic, talk of industry woes, the return of our Pick One segment, a PSA, and far more.

In this episode of Geek Warning, James is just back from the Sea Otter Classic and Dave is still thinking about chain lube and tools.

On the Sea Otter front, James and Dave discuss new eco-friendlier tyres from Vittoria, new metal bikes from Ritchey and Digit, parts from 5Dev and Xpedo, along with new tools from PrestaCycle and Stan’s NoTubes. Check out James’ Sea Otter Classic galleries for visuals of what was discussed (and so so so much more).

The conversation then turns to larger questions around Stages Cycling and Kona who were both missing-in-action at America’s largest trade show and cycling event.

On Dave’s mind is a better way to apply chain lube following a recent video from Josh Poertner of Silca. Our PSA is less of a public service announcement and more a basic guide into figuring out where noises may be coming from in order to silence them. And then the geeks bring back the Pick One segment to discuss floor pumps.

The episode finishes up with a new crank-related recall from FSA.

All this and more in this week’s episode of Geek Warning – a podcast created for and funded by the members of Escape Collective.

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Time stamps:

3:00 – Sea Otter highlights, including things from Vittoria, Ritchey, Digit, PrestaCycle, 5Dev, Xpedo, and more.
26:00 – Unknowns ahead for Stages Cycling and Kona Bikes
36:00 – Circling back to the HighBar helmet strap as seen at Sea Otter
39:20 – A better way to apply chain lube?
45:15 – Chasing down those noises
52:40 – Picking one floor pump
1:02:30 – An explainer on Time’s revamped pedal range
1:06:00 – FSA recalls some its AGX+ gravel cranks

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