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Podcast: Common themed tech rants

Discussing aero tyre liners, a DIY recall, a £808 thermal skinsuit, and plenty more.

Welcome back to Geek Warning. In this episode, Dave and Ronan talk through a bunch of the biggest tech news in the cycling world and cover a few test products at the top of their minds.

It’s hard to find a new racing product today that doesn’t at least tease the “aero” word, however, TuboLight may just be the first to make such a claim for a product that goes inside the tyre.

The recently seen shoe and pedal system from Ekoi caught unwanted attention from the UCI, but them’s the rules. One that is UCI-certified for racing is Ridley’s new X-Night RS cyclocross machine.

SRAM has officially issued a recall related to all aftermarket 12-speed dropbar levers, but the fix is one you can likely do yourself. Another you could probably do yourself is convert an existing Specialized Crux or Roubaix to run SRAM’s 1x Transmission (typically requires a UDH-frame); it’s a new product offered by 5Dev.

The conversation then turns to the weirdly named premium thermal skinsuit that Ronan is testing from Q36.5. And Dave has a little rant related to the new Trek Domane AL just reviewed.

All that, and more, on this week’s Geek Warning.

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3:55 – Tubolite gets aero, inside the tyre
11:35 – Ekoi pedals and UCI rulings
21:08 – Ridley’s new X-Night RS, aero(ish) meets cyclocross
28:49 – A DIY recall related to SRAM’s brake lever
33:07 – 5Dev’s adapter to install SRAM Transmission on a Specialized Crux or Roubaix.
36:53 – Ronan is testing a £808 thermal skinsuit from Q36.5
43:05 – What Dave is testing and a rant on entry-level bikes
53:35 – A PSA related to dropbar levers, and another related to crockpots
58:30 – A quick wrap of other news, including Amer Sports, Curve’s carbon Walmer handlebar, and BeSpoked to be held in Manchester.

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