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Podcast: Hookless rim designs are coming after your aluminum wheels now, too

An hour with James and Dave, and a whole lot of news discussed.

There has been a slew of wheel introductions recently, with some of the most interesting ones being from Zipp (lightweight carbon XC!), DT Swiss (“Aero for All”!), and Mavic (hookless aluminum gravel!). Wait, what? Yep, Mavic is now so progressive that its new aluminum gravel wheels feature a hookless profile, and we have some thoughts on the idea.

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1:37 – A close at DT Swiss’s new “Aero for All” aluminum wheels
8:27 – This most definitely is not the Mavic of yesteryear
15:04 – Zipp enters the XC wheel market (and their carbon road wheels have quietly gotten heavier)
25:56 – Bontrager cozies up with Look for a new range of clipless MTB pedals
32:57 – Wahoo Fitness continues to streamline its operations
35:58 – Brighter days are hopefully ahead for Parlee Cycles
41:35 – The indomitable and indestructible Surly Cross-Check is no more
46:30 – Dave is obsessing about what spare parts and – of course – tools to carry on his new bike
52:59 – James’s safety rules of the road
57:52 – More power or less weight for eMTBs?
1:02:08 – Choosing the right chain lube is about saving money, not watts

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