Podcast: Plummeting bike prices and our favourite dropper posts  

Plus an interview with Wera Tools!

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by Escape Collective 23.11.2023 Photography by
Dave Rome
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This week’s regular (and free!) episode of Geek Warning has James Huang, Zach Edwards (of the Boulder Grupetto), and Dave Rome back on the mics. With only a small amount of news to discuss, much of the conversation surrounds bigger and broader-reaching topics.

Seeing so many sales out of the bike industry is great for those in the market for a new bike, but it’s a worrying sign of financial struggles ahead. It’s obvious the boom is over, and it may be a few years for stock glut to clear.

The mountain bike brand Guerrilla Gravity (GG) quietly ceased operations in September. Now fellow American company Canfield Bikes is providing aftermarket product support for owners of the thermoplastic bikes.

Zwift has announced new annual pricing options for those looking to save a little with a year-long commitment.

The episode then turns to what’s on our minds, including Dave’s recent boiling point over squealing brakes and a deeper conversation about lower-cost race bikes off the back of Caley Fretz’s Trek Emonda ALR 5 review. The geeks then discuss their favourite mountain bike dropper posts.

The episode wraps up with Dave Rome at a Wera Tools media event, where he interviewed employees Lutz Buchholz and Ralf Joesch about the company’s increasing presence within the cycling market.

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5:03 – It’s a buyer’s market at the moment
14:17 – Guerrilla Gravity is closing shop
17:03 – New pricing options from Zwift
19:45 – Squealing brakes are on Dave’s mind
24:19 – Lower-cost alloy road race bikes used to be better
36:39 – Pick One, our favourite dropper posts
45:55 – a PSA related to tubeless valve stems
49:30 – an interview with Wera Tools

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