Podcast: Rear Radars need to work 100% of the time

Geek Warning chats new bikes, the use for gravel suspension, Trek’s rear radar, and much more.

In this jam-packed episode of Geek Warning, James and Dave discuss a handful of new gravel and road bikes that caught their attention during the week. Trek enters the rear Radar game to compete with Garmin, yet James’ early impressions of the CarBack raises more questions than answers.

DT Swiss has just released a new mountain bike rear hub with a wholly new ratchet system, you can read about the new 240 DEG hub at, and a bonus episode of Geek Warning with DT Swiss is also available, too. Meanwhile the coverage of new products from EVT, Fox, RockShox, and more continues at the end of the episode.

On our mind and over the heads of the geek’s families is the topic of gravel suspension. The geeks discuss who it’s for (and who it’s not), and why it’s proving to be more than a gimmick.

Plus there’s a PSA, which is likely a repeat on something previously discussed, but that only makes it more important.

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Time stamps:

3:00 – Kona’s new gravel bike for mountain bikers
6:30 – FiftyOne’s new Sika road bike
11:55 – Parlee’s new and unexpectedly-European-made Ouray road bike
15:40 – Trek enters the rear radar game with its CarBack
23:15 – DT Swiss’ 240 Ratchet DEG hub
26:30 – Chatting all things gravel suspension (including Cane Creek’s Inverted answer to the space)
43:25 – PSA: Your dropper needs love
47:50 – Classified adds Enve to its partners list
49:25 – New RockShox things
50:40 – Fox overhauls its Transfer dropper
53:00 – EVT enters the portable repair stand game
55:10 – OnGaurd’s new RockSolid angle-grinder-resistant lock

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