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Podcast: Recalls, weird brand choices, and more recalls

Is a safe bicycle too much to ask for?

This week’s Geek Warning has James, Ronan, and Dave covering a broad range of topics from Fulcrum’s new road wheels, a new airless tyre, and a tyre that’s recalled for being unwantedly airless.

There’s also a surprising amount of chat about e-bikes, but perhaps not for the right reasons. There’s the new Moots entering the space, but not with its expected material. Rad Power promises safer batteries, which is great, but also feels late. And yet another recall has us asking whether cheap e-bikes are a responsible product.

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4:45 – Moots takes an Express train in an unexpected direction
16:00 – New mid-range performance road wheels from Fulcrum
21:40 – Another attempt at the airless bicycle tyre?
25:42 – A road tyre recall from Pirelli
28:52 – Rad Power announces safer batteries, bit late?
34:38 – And another recall, this one impacts 45,000 bikes!
46:42 – Ashton Lambie gets out of a stick’y situation
51:50 – High-priced wheels are on Dave’s mind
56:45 – A PSA for Shimano Di2 users

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