Podcast: Sneakily expensive chain lubes and cheap Pinarellos

The Geek Warning crew talks helmets, chain lubes, and both road bikes and gravel bikes.

This week’s regular (and free to all) episode of Geek Warning brings together the full cast of resident geeks to discuss a wide range of gear-related topics this week.

The UCI has recently updated its regulations, mostly regarding how penalties are assessed. What happens if a rider tries to use a non-compliant bike or clothing? What happens if they’re using something that hasn’t been explicitly approved? Ronan argues the answer is probably … nothing.

Good chain lubes can extend the life of your drivetrain, and bad ones can shorten them, but do you know how much that might actually cost you? A new online calculator using Zero Friction Cycling’s data aims to tell you just that, and some of the figures are definitely eye-opening – and wallet-emptying.

Bianchi announced a new gravel race bike called the Impulso RC, and while we haven’t seen it in person just yet (it won’t be available for a couple of months), it doesn’t take a sharp eye to see that it looks way, way better than the train wreck that was the Arcadex. It also features aero tube shaping and fully hidden cable routing (like it or not), low weights, and surprisingly MTB-inspired frame geometry. Our crew is definitely looking forward to reviewing this one.

3T has a new gravel bike, too, and while it looks like the existing Racemax with similarly aero shaping, the new Extrema Italia is supposedly aimed more at adventure riding with massive tire clearance (700×57 mm!), lots of mounts, and more forgiving handling. Having ridden 3T’s other gravel models, this one looks intriguing.

Our crew of geeks also pick their favorite road helmets, Ronan has some thoughts on stock component sizes, and if come across a few new Pinarellos that seem way, way too cheap, there just might be a reason for that.

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6:03 – The UCI has updated their penalties, but it’s probably not going to change anything
10:07 – That cheap bottle of chain lube might actually cost you $5,000.
17:20 – More bad news from the bike industry
18:19 – Pinarello needs a better fence – and maybe a stronger door
20:25 – Stock component sizes, chickens, and eggs
32:54 – Our favorite road helmets
47:50 – Bianchi’s new Impulso RC gravel bike actually looks really good
48:21 – 3T is going really, really big with its new Extrema Italia gravel bike

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