Podcast: When they go high, we go low (with a $160 drivetrain)

The Geek Warning crew has plenty of new tech offerings to discuss.

Whew, so much new product news to discuss today, and Sea Otter is still two weeks away! Shimano looks to strengthen its stranglehold on the entry-level market with a new range called Essa, while some updates to the CUES collection may provide some hints at higher-end bits to come, too. Campagnolo finally announces a power meter to go along with the Super Record Wireless groupset launched last year, there’s turmoil at Scott Sports, and some hooked wheel companies are out for blood. Dave and James also discuss the pros and cons of on-bike tool storage along with a PSA that’ll hopefully save you from being awkwardly stuck to your bike, and there’s a whole bunch of new stuff on the way from Rene Herse, Vittoria, Gore Wear, Enve, Hutchinson, Feedback Sports, and Robert Axle.


1:15 – Dave has some thoughts on T47
5:42 – Shimano is smart to not ignore the entry level market
17:00 – Campagnolo finally announces its Super Record power meter
22:47 – Scott Sports’ CEO is out – or is he? Depends on who you ask.
26:35 – Hooked road wheel companies smell blood in the water
31:16 – On-bike tool storage is a trend we can get behind
38:13 – Check your cleat bolts!
43:50 – Rene Herse now has TPU inner tubes – and they have metal valve stems!
44:30 – Vittoria is getting into running
45:34 – Gore Wear is stepping up its clothing game
46:48 – Enve’s new race day road tires are “like crack”
48:06 – Hutchinson is hoping its new Blackbird road tire can take flight
50:38 – Feedback Sports is almost old enough to buy alcohol in the US
53:10 – Want a nicer Universal Derailleur Hanger? Robert Axle has got you

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