Pro bike: Mathias Flückiger’s Thömus Lightrider WC

A close look at this lesser-known race bike, including a sneak peek at a prototype DT Swiss suspension with an unknown widget.

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 12.09.2023 Photography by
Piper Albrecht
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Current Swiss national cross-country champion Mathias Flückiger is rarely far from the podium. Winner of the overall World Cup in 2021, runner-up to Tom Pidcock at the Tokyo Olympics, and the winner of a couple World Cups since, the soon-to-be 35-year-old is currently sitting second in the battle for the 2023 World Cup overall.

Here we look at Flückiger’s Thömus Lightrider WC, the bike of Switzerland’s Thömus maxon team also raced by the likes of Alessandra Keller and Lars Forster. 

Thömus is a brand from Bern, Switzerland, with surprisingly limited exposure beyond Swiss borders. However, there appears to be a concerted effort to change that with this professional race team and now distribution within the USA. 

As a side note, Thömus may sell bikes like the Lightrider WC and Sliker Pro road bike, but like many European bike brands, it has found the most success in the e-bike market. And if there were any doubt over the marketing ambitions of its cross-country race team, it’s important to know that fellow team sponsor Maxon is a Swiss-based motor manufacturer and the supplier for some of the e-bike motors used by Thömus. 

OK, onto the bike, as captured by photographer Piper Albrecht.

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