Special Aussie bikes for a duo of fresh national champions

The new Aussie Champion bikes of Ruby Roseman-Gannon and Luke Plapp.

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 12.01.2024 Photography by
Dave Rome
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It’s a rare event for a professional team to earn joint national champions across its men’s and women’s outfits, but that’s exactly the case for the newly bolstered Australian-owned Jayco AlUla and Liv AlUla Jayco outfits. Here, Ruby Roseman-Gannon and Luke Plapp earned the green and gold stripes for the 2024 road season ahead. 

Those wins were earned last Sunday and quickly kicked off a desperate shuffle to have celebratory equipment ready for the newly crowned Aussie champs to use at the Tour Down Under – less than a week later. By the next morning, the team of Giant Bikes Australia were calling in favours to prioritise space in the booth with painter Steve Munyard of Sun Graphics in the Dandenong Ranges. 

As Munyard explained to Escape Collective, the call came through on Monday to see what could be done, but the stress was greatly increased when he learned he’d be painting Roseman-Gannon’s one and only spare bike, and therefore, the 48-hour turn-around was a strict deadline. 

Such a tight deadline meant a simpler approach to the design without the usual personalised flourishes – you won’t find any airbrushed boxing kangaroos or the like under the clear coat here. The limited timing also meant one less coat of clear coat to Munyard’s usual, and less final polishing to get that mirror-like sparkle. 

The result was Munyard working until midnight over two nights. “[There was] a lot of anxiety involved, as in hurry up paint, dry!” As soon as the pair of frames were done, they were picked up by Liv-sponsored racer Peta Mullens and driven across the border to Adelaide, 780 km (485 M) away. Fast forward another 24 hours and they were rolling bikes, being photographed here, and due to be ridden for the first time the following morning, which in the case of Roseman-Gannon’s Liv, would be the start of the women’s Tour Down Under. 

Beneath the green and gold paint you’ll find these two bikes are otherwise standard team-issue equipment. The men’s squad are currently on the all-around aero Giant Propel Advanced SL, while the women’s squad are on the equivalent Liv EnviLiv Advanced SL. Take a scroll through the photos below for a closer look. 

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