Tech gallery: 2023 Made handmade bicycle show, part five

Custom is for more than one budget.

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 30.08.2023 Photography by
Dave Rome
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The custom bike world provides a rare blend of artistic freedom, craftsmanship, and engineering innovation. It exists to create something that can make a statement, solve a unique need, or help spark a fond memory.

So many of these custom creations are the pinnacle of desirability in cycling. The bigger brands take inspiration from them. We drool over them. And yet, so many of us say to ourselves that such a one-off creation is out of reach.

Yes, some of the bikes showcased truly do exceed the budgets of most in this world. Yet, it’s important to remember that there are price tiers like any market. Custom doesn’t just apply to material, fit, handling, paint, or the number of M5 rivnuts. It also means you can elect to pay for all the extras, or you can buy something that fits your budget. Some builders exist to serve more modest needs where dream-worthy complete custom bikes can be bought for similar money to a mid-tier Trek or Specialized.

Take another look through our coverage from Made, and you’ll spot builders making products for a broader range of customers than you may have first realised. In this gallery, you’ll find aspirational builds from the likes of Mosaic and Moots, but you’ll also find more attainable creations from names such as Breadwinner and Sklar, along with newcomers Neuhaus, Bahl, and Rosario.

We’re now on the fifth round of our coverage from the Made show, and I’m still looking at a large catalogue of images yet to be published. I’ve saved some of the best and/or most interesting till last …

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