Tech gallery: 2023 Made handmade bicycle show, part nine

We’re closing out our coverage from Made for now, but waiting with bated breath for next’s year’s edition.

James Huang
by James Huang 06.09.2023 Photography by
James Huang
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I initially guessed we’d have 6-8 galleries from the inaugural Made handmade bicycle show in Portland, Oregon, but it turns out we made it to nine! We’ve sadly come to the end now, though not without a few remaining goodies to whet your appetite for next year’s event.

How about an elegantly traditional titanium road bike from Italian brand Bixxis? Or a more progressive titanium bikepacking rig from Otso? Perhaps an outlandish custom titanium triplet or a lightweight gravel machine is more your style? This gallery also includes a bunch of smaller widgets to add that perfect finishing touch, like anodized aluminum cable end caps, a clever luggage rack, or a delicately hand-engraved bell. And since it’s also important to keep our bikes running smoothly, who wouldn’t be tempted by a electronically height-adjustable repair stand that even home mechanics might be able to afford?

There’s all of that and more in here, and if you’ve missed any of our previous galleries from Made, make sure to check them all out here. Until next year, Portland!

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