Tech gallery: 2023 Made handmade bicycle show, part seven

Dream builds from Argonaut, Onguza, Simple, Significant Other, Sour, and plenty more.

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 04.09.2023 Photography by
Dave Rome
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Covering a bicycle show like Made can quickly provide a sense of overwhelm. There are hundreds of exhibitors, most of which are framebuilders, others make things that bolt, strap, or slide onto a bike, and a smaller few make the things that make the things. Most framebuilders bring multiple bikes for a bike nerd to get lost within, and of course, there’s always a story to tell.

Walking the length of the venue – a former shipbuilding yard – revealed both legends of the framebuilding world and names looking to leave a mark. My goal was to try to split my time between covering both, showcasing the builds from brands that people know, and hopefully finding a few that should be known.

Much of our coverage from the Made Show intentionally offers this mix, and I encourage you to peruse our previous galleries if you haven’t already. In this one, you’ll find the latest from renowned brand Argonaut, the makers maker Simple Bicycle Co, along with coverage of international brands Sour Bicycle and Onguza. You’ll also get an intro to Incognito Cycles, Significant Other, Destroy Bike Co, and plenty more.

We’re getting close to the end of our coverage of the inaugural Made Bike Show. James Huang and I each have one more gallery to publish. What a show!

A side-on view of a carbon bicycle from FiftyOne.
Irish custom carbon brand FiftyOne wasn’t an exhibitor at Made, but it still had something fresh hiding in clear view at the Challenge tyres stand. This custom gravel bike appears to have more tyre clearance than what has been seen from FiftyOne’s tube-to-tube-constructed bikes previously.

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