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Tech gallery: 2024 Sea Otter Classic, part one

New bikes galore from BMC, Pinarello, FiftyOne, Ari, and Titici, plus some tasty tidbits from Scott, Kask, Udog, and Ezoord.

James Huang
by James Huang 19.04.2024 Photography by
James Huang
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The first day of the Sea Otter Classic has never failed to deliver a smorgasbord of new bikes and gear, and the 2024 edition was certainly no different. I only managed to cover maybe a quarter – a fifth? – of the venue on day one, but what a day it was. 

Included in this first round of coverage is a closer look at BMC’s latest-generation Roadmachine all-road/endurance road bike, Pinarello’s production-ready Dogma XC short-travel full-suspension XC race bike, and the new Sika all-road/endurance road bike that was just announced by Irish brand FiftyOne a couple of days ago.

Remember Fezzari? That company rebranded recently to Ari, and it previewed a new Suncrest ultralight road bike that’s meant to go head-to-head with the Specialized Aethos. And finally, Titici is an Italian brand that’s apparently been around 1961, but this year’s Sea Otter was the first time I’d come across it, and judging by the looks of its incredibly striking Alfa aero road model, I’d like to know more. 

Speaking of more, I also spotted an intriguing motorized bicycle repair stand, some slick-looking new shoes, and a stunning custom paint job.

There certainly will be an awful lot more to come from Sea Otter, so stay tuned in the coming days!

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