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The tireless tyre trends at the Tour of Flanders

In the tubeless era, clinchers and tubulars still have their place. We look at the different tyre types and widths in use at "De Ronde."

In part one of our Tour of Flanders tech galleries, we took a look at some of the more random tech from “Vlaanderen’s mooiste” (Flanders’ most beautiful). In part two we take a deep dive into the tyre choices for De Ronde.

Until relatively recently, the 25 mm tubulars teams rolled out for Flanders were considered standard. In 2023, 28 mm seemed the most common tyre size, but in a sign of the times, teams are experimenting with 30 mm and – in training at least – even 32 mm widths. How times have changed.

Anyway, here are some of the tyres that caught our eyes in the Flanders paddock.

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