The unofficial TDU calendar: Sunday, January 14

Never miss a ride or a party.

Welcome to the unofficial Tour Down Under calendar, your complete guide to the real goings-on at the Tour Down Under. We have the race schedule, of course, but also group rides, parties, car park hill climb – it’s all here so you always know what’s going on.

We’ll post every day throughout the TDU. Each post will include the following day’s calendar. If we missed something, email [email protected] with details.

This calendar is based on the superb work of Escape Collective member David Rossi and repurposed with his permission. Make sure to check out David’s iconic All The TDU calendar here.

What to check out from Escape Collective today:

Daily rides:
We’ll be hosting daily rides from Wednesday 17th – Sunday 21st January. You’ll be able to find more info on those rides in these daily updates as the week progresses. To register (free!) for the rides please head here, and don’t forget to drag along your mates.

In addition to our regular programming, you can check out our Tour Down Under pods, appearing in your feed every second day. Join regulars Dave Rome, Ronan McLaughlin, Matt de Neef, Iain Treloar with special guest Rupert Guinness. You can listen to the special TDU episodes on iTunesSpotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Escape Collective Carpark Climb:
Ok, this one isn’t happening until Saturday 20th January – but we didn’t want you to miss one of the biggest parties of the week! Pop these details in your diary, and be sure to bring a buddy!
6pm-9pm: Carpark Climb
Location: Wilson Parking – East End

Down Under Digest:
The Down Under Digest is a weekly wrap-up of all things Aussie and Kiwi cycling. While there are not additional digests during the Tour Down Under we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to give it a little plug. You can check out previous editions here, and sign up (free!) to have them delivered directly to your inbox each week by heading here.

The Race

Hyundai Women’s Stage 3: Adelaide to Willunga Hill

Start: 11:10 am at Wakefield Street, Adelaide
Finish: ~2:02 pm at Brookman Road, Willunga Hill

Download GPX | Download Route Map | Official Site

Don’t miss this!

Ride to Willunga with Curve

“The one ride you don’t want to miss when in Adelaide is the iconic pilgrimage to Willunga. Ride out with the Curve crew, and catch the action from stage 3 of the Women’s TDU!”

– –

7:30am: Commute to Iconic Willunga – Women’s Finale
Location: Whippets Workshop, 11 Stepney St, Stepney

Group Rides and Brand Pop-ups

Ride Contour x Attaquer
7:00 am:
Contour ‘3 Peaks’ | 45KMS
Location: Ride Contour, 144 Hutt St, Adelaide

Pedla and Brompton with MOOD Racing
Ride to Bel Air: 60km, 950m vert
Location: 4 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide

MAAP x Specialized
7:30am: ADL 2024 Ride 1 – Norton’s > Montacute
10pm – 6pm: Pop Up Open
4pm – 6pm: Happy Hour
Location: Chateau Apollo, 74 Frome St, Adelaide

Official Tour Event Village Events

Official TDU rides
7:00 am: Epic – 126.6km
7:30am: Belair Road – 25km
Location: Tour Village, Tarntanyangga/Victoria Square, Adelaide

5:30pm – 6:30pm: Talking Tour
Wakefield St, Adelaide

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