Threaded #18: New Tools Day of pumps, plugs, and chain-things 

Wolf Tooth enters the mini pump game, Abbey Bike Tools introduces a new chain wear tool, and a look at Cycplus' latest gauge-equipped electric mini inflators.

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 27.06.2024 Photography by
Dave Rome
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It’s a good day when you get a new tool. And you can bet it’s going to be a great New Tools Day when there are multiple tool releases to share!

A bit of sickness got in the way of delivering Threaded last week, so with that, I’ll aim to bring you a two-part edition of Threaded x New Tools Day over the next couple of weeks. In this first part, I’ll focus on a number of new tools largely aimed at everyday users and uses. You’ll see Wolf Tooth’s entry into mini pumps, the next generation of electric inflators from Cycplus, a few tubeless plug kit options, a portable chain breaker that doesn’t quite hit the mark, and Abbey Bike Tools’ entry into measuring chain wear.

If you like this gallery, I highly recommend catching up on earlier editions of New Tools Day. Stay tuned as the next edition of Threaded x New Tools Day is likely just seven sleeps away.

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