Tour Daily: The Geek Warning crew talks Tour tech

Racing, schmacing. Let’s talk about tech at the Tour!

The Tour de France can’t be that big of a deal. After all, they couldn’t even sign up 200 participants! But despite the low turnout, there’s quite the disproportionate amount of new tech to discover there, including a mysterious new Ridley aero all-rounder road racer, new tires and saddles from Specialized, a hint that a new SRAM Red groupset may be pending, new aero helmets, comfy-looking shoes, and upsized wheels from Campagnolo.

We also discuss Pinarello and Tune recently changing hands, how everything new in the MTB world seems to be designed for e-bikes, the return of CNC machining, and why your suspension fork is probably feeling sadly neglected.

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3:50 — A sneak peek at Ridley’s new semi-aero all-rounder
7:09 — Specialized now has road tires just for wet conditions
15:50 — Yet another 3D-printed saddle model from Specialized
21:16 — Is a new SRAM Red groupset coming soon?
27:15 — Some funky new shoes from Q36.5
29:13 — Ekoi’s got a new aero road helmet
30:31 — Campagnolo is going wide with its new Bora Ultra WTO 45 wheels
32:31 — Mmm, built-in satellite shifters
36:34 — Pinarello has a new owner
42:40 — Lightweight has purchased Tune to create a German weight-weenie powerhouse
45:35 — Garbaruk has a new CNC-machined road and gravel crankset
49:30 — CNC machining is back in a big way
56:21 — UDH isn’t coming for road bikes; it’s already here
1:05:35 — MTB R&D seems mostly aimed at e-bikes these days
1:13:49 – Your suspension fork probably isn’t working as well as you think it is

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